Thursday, May 8, 2008

Under Pressure

Some people, who will remain nameless have been giving me grief about not posting to my blog. Here we go, I'll try to make this as painless as possible for the readers. I ran good for a month or so after my 1/2, and then became injured, so I really haven't been in the running mindset. I did start back running 2 weeks ago, and I THINK we have figured out the reason for my little injuries, so hoping to just move forward w/o injuries now. So actually this last one wasn't a little injury, but that's a long story.

During the time that I had off running I did many things such as be lazy, get out of shape, and also have started a new store online: as a means to sell my creations. I had no idea how much time it consumed to create a website, and at the same time try to make things to sell! WOW, just a perfect running diversion, if you ask me. But it's been a ton of fun. :)

Thank goodness school is almost over. Just watch, in August I will be saying, "Geez, I can't wait for school to start."

In three short weeks, I'll be headed to Denver for three short weeks. It's awesome that the kids are old enough to go and enjoy a trip like this as well as actually go do some sight seeing without any bottles, bare boobage, milky shirts, diapers, pee pee pants, multiple mad rushes to the bathroom, the dismal discovery of NO EXTRA CLOTHES, sleep deprivation, the list goes on. The new list includes: deceitfulness, blatant disobedience, sullenness, self pity fits, refusal to eat what's in front of them, you get the picture. Hmmm. It just doesn't seem fair to list someones faults without posting a picture so you can see how beautiful they are and trust me to say that they are wonderful kind-hearted PEOPLE too. ;)

My kids. :)

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