Monday, June 2, 2008

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Dude. Seriously, I cannot believe the level/s of technical difficulties that I have experienced in the past month. If you are acquainted with me via the Internet, real life, over the phone, or really in any way at all, you will know that I have had multiple failures of the technical nature. Of course, I really cannot even complain about Hotmail locking me out because ---- I was warned, by multiple people, "Get G-Mail" they said, "You won't regret it..." "Trust me. Hotmail sucks, you'll be sorry..." Many people, many different comments, same content. And yet, I was accused of... "being involved in illegal activities" via hotmail. Nice. What do they think I was doing? Oh. Yeah. I forgot about my online strip tease business, and my pyramid scheme business, and my Spam Business, because God knows there is so much money in spamming and so many people are such dumb asses to click on the link because "your Paypal account has been locked..." Puh-leez. duh.

Hotmail aside, my computer also crashed. My new Moto-Q crashed. Maybe I played a little too much "bubble breaker." Who knows? And the latest? This is a new one. Sprint turned off my phone number today. Yeah. They TURNED OFF MY PHONE NUMBER. I've had this phone number 5 or 6 years, and today, they decided to turn it off.

So, this age is supposed to be so convenient. I'm thinking it might just be easier to move to the Arctic Circle, forget about cell phones, the Internet, computers, e-mail, and get back to nature? nah. ha.

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D. said...

Well, it's your Dad's observation that we live in the "DZ Mechanical Black Hole". Everything of a mechanical nature breaks, bends, explodes, dies, quits, expires, or finds another mode of achieving a steady state of inertia, ie the tendency of an object at rest to stay at rest. However, he and I have more family blessings, ie children who are in stable relationships, work, love their children and spouses, and are basically wonderful people we love knowing. We have had no tragedies in our immediate family like so many families we know. So, of the two, we have the best.