Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chapter One

Eighteen or Nineteen years ago, I made a choice to love a little boy unconditionally. About four days ago, I saw for the first time the truly grown up man that he has become. I saw a man in a suit, about to pledge his life and love to a beautiful girl. I saw his jaw clench as he waited for her to walk down the aisle, through the pastor's speech, and the vows. I saw the hope and the promise of young and impetuous love. I saw the passion of youth. I saw a new life being born, a twain life of two lovers, best friends, husband and wife, and eventually mother and father. In the breath of a moment, I saw jokes, fights, births, joys, losses, closeness, and distance. I saw the birth of a lifetime which will overshadow their childhoods, their adolescence, and their young adulthood. I saw the potential of anything and everything, the world at two people's feet, and the ability to make dreams come true and bring wonderful people into the world. God bless you, Daniel and Hannah.

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This is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to verbalize so eloquently what we all saw. Love, Mom