Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thoughts on Wasted Days

I often have grand plans for weekends. It seems like weekends are limitless chunks of time which can be filled with all of the activities that did not get accomplished through the week. When will I ever learn that a weekend is not going to accomplish anything big or fantastic? It should be viewed more accurately as a chunk of "family time" and anything that does not "get done" is just water under the bridge.

My big plan for this weekend was to shampoo Abby's bedroom carpet and paint the kids' bathroom (red). Did this happen? No. It did not. The one factor that I always fail to include in my plans is the status of other people's desires and needs. Couple that with a good side of "Ginny distractions" and you get nothing done.

So I arose quite late - 8:00 and to my good fortune, it was still cool enough to run, so I got that out of the way and was definitely dreading the 40:00 bike ride, but it seemed only natural to get it out of the way as well. Well the run went good, I ran on the soccer fields as the soft surfaces seem to be more conducive to healing than the pavement. My little maladies did bug me a little, but nothing noteworthy. There were about 5,000 kids on the soccer/football/softball complex, all participating in their sports. I AM putting Abby and Ethan in soccer in the spring, kicking and screaming, ha. On the bike, I did feel strong, but kept thinking I was tired and wanting it to be done. It wasn't a bad workout on the fuel of one banana and some PB.

Puppy has not received much training today. We are still working on "spin" and she is doing it quite well with the lure, but will not do it strictly on cue. I am waiting for her to offer it to me and at that point I plan to shower her with treats which are tiny bits of hot dogs.

We did hit another obstacle. I had taken her out of her crate to go outside, and she did pee, but then when I brought her back in, she pooped on the rug. Well, we had discussed just shampooing the rugs, rolling them up and putting them away until the pup is trained. So you got it, I spent the evening shampooing the rugs and they are now drying on the trampoline. There ya go - I count that as an hour wasted.

Brad wants to go see his parents tomorrow. Their plan is to hike into the mountains and scout for a hunting trip. It's great that he can have this kind of time with his dad right now.

The painting and shampooing project has now been moved to a week project for next week between Grandparent's Day at school, and carpooling.

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Jod+Liz=kids said...

Wait a minute! You completely wrote off the whole weekend at 3:42 on SATURDAY? Where is your spirit?