Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's Saturday, for Crying out Loud

Ok, it's been a few days, but in my defense, the last week has been C-R-A-Z-Y.

Hello, my name is Ginny. I'm an introvert. I have been around people for a week, solid, and I'm going nuts.

So one day last week, can't remember which day, one of my sweet little carpoolers had the unfortunate experience of getting carsick. In my car. In the seat belt receptacles of my car. In the stitching of the leather seats of my car. Underneath the seats of my car. In the - er - places where the seats attach to the "metal" part of my car. In the carpet of my car. Well, ok, so this is not so bad because my car needed to be shampooed anyway, and also because my husband recently purchased a shampooer for me. How sweet. Only one TINY little drawback - the prospect of dealing with someone else's kid's puke. yeah. Lovely. Ok, so when I dropped her off at home, her mom seemed very embarrassed (which I would have been also) and ran out to mop up most of the mess, and most of the chunks. Thank god. Still. The smell. Was. Unbearable. Even after I spent 3 hours shampooing the vehicle, it still had a bit of funk, but what can you do? I discovered things I didn't even know my car would do in the process of cleaning it out. My shampooer had a nice little shampooing crevice tool which came in handy when I found a little pool of puke that needed to be sucked up. I think it's ok now, but the kids might be irrevocably scarred....

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