Friday, November 9, 2007

Good Runs Do Happen

For the last 3 weeks, my hip has been pretty much fine, and my coach has doubled my weekly mileage, which I am excited about, but the beginning of this week my legs were pretty dead. I took a couple of runs really slow to allow a little extra recovery, and today it finally paid off. I did an easy run of about 50:00, taking it really easy and did my 4X100 strides, which felt freakishly fast. I had programmed my Garmin to split them automatically, but I guess I goofed it up because it only split one off which was at a 6:08 pace. Looking at the Garmin program, you can see where your pace dips and peaks, and on all of those 100's I was getting under a 6:00 pace. Everything just felt so nicely recovered and strong. I enjoyed it. Hoping that it bodes well for that tempo run tomorrow! Things are looking up finally on that front, it's exciting!

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Kirsten said...

Amazing how a good run can lift our spirits--just a feeling you can't exactly describe. Good for you!