Monday, November 26, 2007


In my wildest dreams, I never thought that Googling would be a real word referring to a real activity. When I was a teenager working at McDonald's, people started talking about The Internet and I scoffed. I rolled my eyes, and made fun of it because it was way to geeked out for me. It just seems so fitting that you can actually Google something, and it means that you have really done something for real if you like to think of it like that because after all it's on The Internet so have you really done anything real with any substantial proof? Did you come away with some concrete evidence of your search? Have you ever thought about how you as a child of the 60's, 70's or 80's would think of the Internet jargon that we use today?

Recently Ethan has discovered how to Google. He is only in kindergarten, but on a fast track to reading, and it's really quite amazing. The other day, we came over to the computer, and a Google window was open. He had been intending to do a search on Monster Scorpion, and into the dialog box was typed, "monstr scrpn." That's pretty dang close to monster scorpion. I was afraid he wouldn't learn to read as quickly as Abby. Silly me! And who would have thought that Google would be a teaching tool for reading? HA.

His favorite things to Google are scorpions, aliens, and Spider man. He is always over here trying to sound out what he wants to Google, you can hear him trying to sound out Spider man and his little fits when he doesn't quite get it. Anyway, this morning I came over to the computer and a window was open to this link: . To be honest, I really was thrown for a loop. I had no idea what anyone in my household could need of this document, so I asked Brad what he was doing with it. He was equally as dumbfounded as I. 'Course, he's pretty sleuthy as guys go, and it didn't take him any time at all to figure it out. Lying on the desk was the DVD case to MIIB (Men in Black II). You will notice on the top right hand corner of the Minnesota Revenue 2006 Insurance Fee form is "M11B". I think he might have actually been looking for:

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