Friday, December 7, 2007


You know, I think we are all a bunch of wusses in Arkansas. It's freaking 40 degrees out there and we're all huddled up inside talking about how cold it is. I'll wear shorts to run in down to about 20 degrees for the most part, but how often does that happen? Not much as it seems like our climate is slowly moving closer to Tropical. The warmer the winters get, the bigger babies we are. Before you know it, we'll be whining about 60 degrees, wishing it were 80. Yesterday, it was supposed to be in the mid-sixties and we topped out at 38. It seems like my run was over before I ever got warm. Then there is the big question of over dressing for a run. You do not want to overdress for a run because if you overdress, you will get sweaty, and when you get sweaty, that cold 35 degree, 15 mph breeze suddenly becomes quite COLD and you suddenly find yourself in a similar situation to running in a cold rain. Wah! Cry me a river. Seriously though, this is the time of year I love to run. I can always run faster and get warmer, but in the summer, there is no escaping the heat!

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Annette said...

Ginny I don't think I will every whine about 60 degrees!!! LOL

I love running in the cooler weather, and though I do my fair share of whining about it I still get out there and run in it every day!