Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's good to be back

I guess I consider today sort of a mark of being "back" to running. I have not missed a day since Oct. 25th, and I have run over 50 miles per week for a month. I had a 95:00 run on tap today and estimated that I would get in 10.5 miles, and surprised myself by getting in 11.3 miles with the last 2 miles at 7:38 and 7:32. It seems like last time I was running 50 mpw, it was harder for me, or made me more tired. I don't really feel very drained to be honest. Of course, I am not running very much "meat" right now, just a tempo and a few intervals through the week, and my "long runs" are not very long, but still. It's good. I feel really good.

The weather has been downright weird, and it doesn't feel very Christmasy, if you want to know the truth. It was 50 degrees and fog as thick as pea soup when I ran this morning. The temp was great, but I could have done without the "mist."

meh, this is getting boring..... zzzzzzzzzzzz...........

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Annette said...

glad you're back! It was great to hang out with you at dinner before the Memphis marathon and it was nice seeing you at the Christmas party!