Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just Stuff

Well I am back to the Internet world after a great visit with my sistah and all of her little people. ha. We looked at many houses, ate many cookies, drank much tea, and laughed over kid-sayings. Good times.

Ran 70:00 easy today, and was followed by a couple of dogs. I can't stand being followed by dogs. It drives me nutso. Anyway, it was a very comfortable run, although not fast at all. I guess I do not care very much because I have 2 doubles coming up on Thurs. and Fri., as well as plenty of tempo work to do on Saturday. Time enough for the hard stuff. I like to enjoy the easy stuff. In the mean time I'll try to come up with something worth reading.

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Jod+Liz=kids said...

Twas a lot of fun. Thank you to your whole family for the fun, food, memories and true hospitality. If only it had been on Christmas.